Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jitters and junque

The surgery is scheduled for 1 PM this afternoon. I have had nothing-nada- nothing - to eat or drink since midnight last night. I'm groveling here. I need a drink of water-----PLEASE!!!! Can't do it - can't break doctors' orders. Dang!!!!

Anyways I have this premonition or rampant thought blowing around in the back of my mind about this surgery. So I can't speak of it or wallow
in it lest it comes to fruition or gives me bad vibes on the operating table.
I'm pacing around the house like a caged rabid animal almost frothing at the mouth but there is nothing there to make froth. I need WATER. Afraid to take another dip in the pool - may not be able to contain myself surrounded by all that agua. I just might stoop to the level of slurping pool water. That's a disgusting thought.

I presume the only distracting alternative for me and my lack of food water survival is to go shopping. Spend money that I don't have and buy things that I don't really need but for sure it will fuzz up my mind about going under the knife.

Cross off the grocery store because I may attack the fresh vegetable section. I do need to make a post office trip - no food involved there. But OH NO it's right near Joe Muggs the coffee shop. Dang....... I can't do shoes because I won't be wearing a matched pair for several weeks. I could go clothes shopping since my body is slowly starving I might be able to squeeze into a smaller size. That's it I need to fill up my closet - wait it's already full. Dang.....
Okay I'll clean the house from top to bottom........

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