Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Befuddled by bed bugs

It's all over the news in the Sunday paper and on the front page of some magazines. Bedbugs! They are everywhere and places you would never suspect.

I'm afraid to travel and sleep on a bedbug infested bed in a very clean looking hotel. I'm scared of placing my luggage on the bug encrusted luggage rack. And don't even think about going to an upscale clothing store to purchase under garments. Or visit New York City and come back bug less. Leaving on a jet plane - don't know when I'll be back again.....yep they could be lurking on the business class seat you paid extra for.

What is one to do about these nasty little creatures? It makes my skin crawl just thinking about them. YUCK!
I just had an idea for a great childrens book - 'Make Way for Bedbugs......

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