Sunday, September 12, 2010

Smell of Death

Early Saturday afternoon this HORRIFIC odor invaded the master bedroom. Hubby had recently purchased some body spray (for parts I dare not mention) and was spraying it in the bedroom. So - yes - I accused him of making the room stink!

I know puss drags in gecko's and plays with them till they are dead but they are sooo little - no way could they stink up a room like this. You need a gas mask. Not good for my asthma. I sprayed the room with one of my favorite perfumes - Vanilla Fields. Gag me with a shovel. The smell and the stink are unbearable!!!! I guess we could move.

Those famous or infamous words of Cindy Anthony - 'smells like there's a dam dead body in the car'. Well - smells like there's a dam dead body in my bedroom. Hubby is alive so it's not him. The neighbor said that his wife is visiting her family in N.Y. - we haven't seen her in a week. But why would he stuff her in our bedroom?

So, we - I mean hubby (such a sweetie) cleaned the room from top to bottom and located the stench. It was near the ceiling and towards the corner of the room. He found it and it wasn't a dead body but lots of dead bodies.

It was the canister of freeze dried shrimp I bought the turtles sitting right there on the shelf next to the T.V. and the bookcase. That little canister made it to the outside world really-really quick. No dead bodies and the neighbor's wife came home. Mystery solved and life moves onward.

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