Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deadly Dreams

I'm always trying to make out the meaning of my dreams. Sometimes they seem very accurate and at other times they look like episodes from the Twilight Zone.
Scenario: I'm walking through this neighborhood in California the one with all the Victorian houses called 'painted ladies'. I watched HGTV - Househunters last night and that's where they were.

So I see two dogs a black Shih-Tzu and a white dog running between the houses. I crawl over and coax the dogs toward me with M&M's. They fall for it. I reach out and grab the dogs and they turn into cookies. The white one becomes a huge sugar cookie and the black one becomes a chocolate cookie with chips.

As I grab the dogs turned into cookies the white sugar cookie breaks into four pieces. I see a person who knows my neighbor pull up in a car. I don't want him to see me with the dogs turned cookies because I suspect they are my neighbors.

I run inside one of the houses and look for a plastic container to put the dogs turned cookie into and slip into my purse and no one will realize what I have done. So I ask the chocolate cookie that formerly was a black Shih-Tzu if he knew the white sugar cookie that was formerly a dog. He said it was his best friend. I said he died and the chocolate cookie said he could never live without him.

I am trying to sort out this dream and how it applies to my life. Strange as it may seem we have been looking at dogs to adopt. I found a black Shih-Tzu and also saw a white Papillion. Any significance here? I also am going in for surgery tomorrow and have mucho apprehension about the whole deal. Like I may not survive the surgery. My brain must be unraveling my subconscious. That's a scary thought. So if I never write in this blog again everyone will know I turned into a sugar cookie was broken in four pieces and stuffed in a plastic container. I'm seeing the plastic container as a see-thru coffin.

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