Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Belgium Truffles

Sometimes I just need quiet time all by myself. Just sitting outside breathing in the slightly cool air and feeling good that my lungs are working is an awesome task. Letting the soft breeze blow my hair into my face and watching the palm fronds dance to the wind which is hard to see when your hair is plastered across your eyeballs. The silence is relaxing. Your brain switches over to nothingness - all the world problems and personal issues are someplace other than the 'here and now'.

Time to reflect or not. Absorbing the morning and all it has to offer including the tropical storm Nicole that may be a storm or not depending on her path. Worries are like raindrops splattered along the floor of the lanai. Soon the sun will suck them up into the clouds.

Time for more coffee with the decadent creamer hubby purchased last night. It feels like fall without the leaves changing and dropping and cluttering up the lawn. Palm trees don't drop their fronds when the weather turns cold. Soon the turtles will be heading to the bottom of the pond in a suspended state of inactivity.

Life is as good as it gets - well it could be better but I will accept this. The foot hurts less everyday and mobility is returning. I am enjoying this quiet time sitting outside and capturing the moment. Chocolate would be nice.

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