Monday, September 6, 2010

Fire in the hole

I have survived the third day of the craft fair through intense heat and super high humidity mixed with an array of interesting characters. Today was the Seminole raid on one of the homes at the museum. The soldiers were practicing right behind my space. They would yell out, 'Fire in the hole." And bamm the musket would go off and scare me every time. Not as scary as the 'Turkey Man'.

Today he topped it off with his bib overalls - he unsnapped the bib top and took off his shirt. Now in itself that would be half bad but OMG!!!! he had nothing next to him except his 'Osh Kosh By Gosh' bib overalls. And the buttons on the side of those bibs - well - only one was buttoned. And all that white poking through was not his tidy-whities. I'll take the musket booms over that horrific sight any day. He could have used a mansear also.

I gagged every time he spit out his chewing tabaccie. Sometimes it dribbled down his grey mile long scraggly beard. Another wanting-to-forget sight. At one point hubby offered him a pretzel but he declined. "I done had all my teeth pulled out they was no good."

I will hear that turkey calling for years to come. And the constant chatter about what type of turkey noises he was making. He did draw a crowd to the area which made a sale for me.

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