Thursday, September 2, 2010

The cat who cried wolf

It's 4:30 AM - AM as in really really early in the morning - way TOO early to be dragged out of bed by you the CAT from down under. (get my drift) You sit right outside my door at 4:30 AM screeching. Listen you fur ball - it's not time to eat. You eat at 6 AM. Stop that screeching and whining and scratching at the door. Let me sleep. You could use a little yourself. Add and extra hour or so to the 23 hours per day you already sleep in total bliss.

You are not starving - you are obese. Sorry if that hurts your feelings and I am sure it doesn't but - you are a fat cat. Go back to sleep and leave me alone. You will not waste away to nothing if your bowl is not filled.

What will happen when the time changes? Will you be screeching all day for food? Why don't you catch mice like other more normal cats? Oh, that's right you are not normal that's why you live with us. Maybe you need a playmate - like a mastiff an extra large puppy.

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