Sunday, June 1, 2008


My wonderful spouse bought me a beautiful foam raft for the pool. The rafts we have were getting old and beginning to show their wear. This new one was think plush foamy stuff in a vibrant blue. My favorite color and I'm pretending he remembered but most likely that is the only color they come in. I can dream!!

It looks lovely against the new blue pool paint and the new tropical blue umbrella I purchased. So we have this tropical theme going on around the pool.

I looked on the underside of my new blue raft and noticed a 'warning' sign. 'WARNING', in big bold letters - slippery when wet. Hmmm, who would of thought? A pool raft that becomes slippery when wet? And why? It belongs in the water and water is wet? I'm wondering if in the future it will be on the recalled product list? Perhaps I should not get it wet.

It just strikes me as rather odd that a raft made to be used in the water comes with a warning sign - 'slippery when wet'. I guess it took a rocket scientist to get the idea of this raft and then the legal department to adhere a notice.

I will try to remember when I put the raft in the water and it gets wet that it will be slippery. No drinking and lounging in the pool for me.

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