Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Frugality - Fact or Fiction

I see myself as 'frugal', my children see me in a different light - they call me 'cheap.' Perhaps we are all right. I know if I ever win the lottery I will still hunt for sales and use my 20% off coupons. Hubby at times has poked fun at me and my antics - especially the napkins I save from fast food restaurants. He wasn't laughing that time he needed one and I opened the glove compartment and a bunch rolled out.

One Christmas my children bought me two huge packs of napkins and asked me not to horde any more freebie ones. I see nothing wrong with my yellow MCnapkins on the dinner table.

I also save those little ketchup, mayo, mustard, duck sauce and soy sauce pouches. I keep them in a zip lock baggie and they are ready to roll at any time someone says the word -picnic.

What can I say to defend myself? I really don't think I need defending. They can tease me all they want.

So hubby dear, the one that sometimes makes wise cracks about my peculiar habits has topped me one - but good. He's come over to my side.

Today he went on a shopping spree and purchased a beautiful area rug. It retailed for over $300.00. He paid $10.00. Gotta love that guy!!! And the colors were absolutely perfect. A designer could not have done any better - or more better. Family joke -more better.

I was so proud of him. And such a great bargain.

Then he took me aside and whispered look under the couch by the wall. I dropped down on that soft, cushy, beautiful new rug and looked under the couch. I'm thinking the cat had already barfed on the new rug. Just like the sun rising in the East everyday, the stupid cat barfs on all new rugs and new calendars placed on the kitchen counter. You can count on her for that episode - every time.

I'm looking and see no cat vomit but what I do see is a small rectangular patch maybe 2 inches by 6 inches cut out of the rug. You know that sign that says 'sample' on the sample rugs. Well the store removed the sample sign and left this empty space in the side of the rug and sold it for ten bucks. What a bargain. I don't believe too many people will get on my floor and search for irregularities in my pretty new rug. It's hidden and no one will know.

I love my bargain conscious hubby. I guess this could be referred to as - saving the earth - one sample at a time or cheap or my preference Frugality at its finest.

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