Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yertle the Turtle

I loved reading 'Yertle the Turtle' to my children when they were little. Somehow, someway I have ended up with 6 turtles in a pond in my backyard. They are better than any prescription drug you can buy for lifting your mood. Each one has their own distinctive personality. I love going outside in the morning with coffee and just watching them. It's my meditation period, a little calm before I start my day.
Louise, a Florida Cooter is my rescue turtle and she is very 'pushy'. "Get outta my way, I'm coming through." She eats anything.
Cooter, a Florida Cooter (still a baby) is the boldest of all the turtles. I can put my hand in the water and he climbs right into my hand. He does not like brine shrimp.
Cracker, a Cumberland Slider is the nervous one. She is like a shrinking violet and Big Al is her protector. She will take brine shrimp or leave it.
Romeo & Juliet, yellow bellies and the babies of the bunch (my Valentine's gift from hubby) remind me of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They are very aggressive at feeding time. They fight like siblings. Theses two go crazy for brine shrimp.
Big Al, a Red Eared Slider, is my first and my favorite. He reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull ( another bedtime story for the kids) his approach to life is to sit or float and smell the roses. He just floats around his domain watching and chilling. He waits till all have eaten before he begins.
It's amazing how something as innocent as turtles can calm your feelings and make you smile and lust after life.

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