Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I've been reading the book - 'The Secret'. I'm desperately following the secret rules or trying as best as I can. I ask - I believe - and I receive. I haven't actually received what I have asked for but I will be persistent.
I do feel a calmer aura around me and a calmness within. I'm looking for a little bit more than calm. I'm looking for a lifestyle - a place to be and as yet I have not achieved that success. I will keep asking. Like - oh - 100 hits a day on my website would be way too kool. Or better yet make a living at what I love to do. WRITE!!!
It strikes me as rather odd that the book of secrets reads somewhat like the Bible. Almost a religious experience. Or praises to a higher being - not necessarily God. So I wonder what came first? The bible or the secret?
Is the bible fact? Is the book The Secret fact? One fact is many people are buying this book and many have bought bibles and somebody is making lotsa greens from these purchases.
Perhaps I do not believe enough for either of the books to move me along my spiritual path. What's wrong with me? 'Git er done'.
I will continue to read and practice the words from the book -The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and see where it takes me. To a higher level of income - I'm hoping!!!

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