Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crack of Dawn

3 AM must be that magical time where all those campers without indoor plumbing get up and walk to the public facilities. Noises fill the dark of the night with bushes rustling and the moon absent from the night sky. The march begins toward the outpost. Some carry flashlights and some brave the darkness without artificial help. A parade of weary campers line the dirt pathways and walkways.

I believe somewhat half asleep and in a mind fuzz I trot off at 3 AM to do business. Sadly, we have no indoor plumbing in our camper. Little did I know I would meet the masses at the bath house. I'm strolling along still in a sleep deprived state when I see all the people. Have I missed a notice for this 3 AM cattle call? If I had known I would have been more prepared and my attire would have been presentable.

I walk with sleepers clinging to my eyes and my head intent at watching each step my feet take. I feel a little uncomfortable with all these strangers and me in my ratting sleeping clothes. My thread bare tank top leaves little to the imagination. My bottoms are somewhat civilized.

I slip into a stall and wait for the masses to leave - but - NO. More line up for the coveted spaces. So, the question is do I wash my hands while the waiting line watches my every move? Or do I make a run for the door back into the darkness of the morning? I go for the hand washing because you never know who has left behind their germs. I hold my hands across my chest and slip outside into the darkness. We just have to upgrade to indoor plumbing.

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