Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fecal Matter - matters

It was bad enough when I found out that lemons are encrusted with tons of fecal matter. I promptly asked for my water without any lemons. Most wait staff have a difficult time remembering my request. So, I am left to fish out the fecal encrusted lemon from my water and hope for the best.
NOW!!! I have heard that the University of Arizona did a study on - shopping carts. I wish I could be hired for these types of positions. The findings are disgusting, revolting and vomit provoking!!! 2/3 of ALL shopping carts are riddled with fecal matter. OMG!!!
I bring my own (recycled cotton) bags to the grocery store - to save the environment and my small part of the world. I guess I will have to purchase my own little shopping cart, like the one's those little old ladies use.
Where is all this CRAP coming from?

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