Friday, June 13, 2008

The Eastern Shore

Easton, Maryland is a town near St. Michaels, Maryland where parts of the 'Wedding Crashers' was filmed. I have been to Easton and stayed in Easton several times. I do prefer St. Michaels. One can almost feel the conservatism in these small towns. But never did I know that in Easton what one does in Easton doesn't stay in Easton like Las Vegas.
The Eastern shore has its own kind of ambiance, rules and moral codes. Where does our VP choose to live? It certainly is a strange mixture in that there part of the country. Beauty abounds also. Then, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholdiths in Easton don't want to see all that skin.
Apparently there is this little town ordinance about men and women going topless in town and public places. Now, if you are just visiting or passing through - 'How would you know'? I do believe that if women are prohibited from baring it all in public that law should apply to men also. It's not fair. Women's lib, women's rights - whatever!!! We need to be treated as equals!!!
So beware when traveling through or stopping for entertainment in this sleepy little town perched on the Eastern shore of Maryland. When you stop at any of the wonderful restaurants for their delicious crab cakes put that shirt back on.

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