Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nick Bollea

Let's compare Nick Bollea's life to John Graziano's life.

Nick is confined to a cement block cell for 8 months.
John is confined to a bed for the rest of his life.

Nick has a slot in the door where his food is passed through.
John has a feeding tube.

Nick is traumatized by solitary confinement.
John is permanently confined to a solitary life.

Nick has no T.V. or VCR.
John may have a T.V. but he can't see it.

Nick's recorded phone calls are a matter of public record.
John makes no phone calls as he can't speak.

Nick wants house arrest instead of jail time.
John has permanent house arrest in bed.

Nick complains that the public is picking on him and hurting his feelings.
John doesn't complain about the nurses and doctors picking at him to save his life.

Nick wants to produce a reality film when he leaves his jail cell.
John's reality show is permanent.

Nick's new home is only 8 1/2 x 16 1/2.
John's new home is a twin size bed.

Nick has lost 10 pounds since his incarceration.
John has lost his life since his incarceration and his is permanent.

Who gets the most points for unfair treatment? Nick certainly feels he is being treated poorly. I do agree John is being treated better with tubes and monitors attached to most of his body to help him function (barely). Nick's only contact is with his family. John is in limbo.
Drive fast, disobey the rules and pay the price.

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