Friday, June 27, 2008

Responsibility 101

Last weekend with much trepidation we left the house and the animals in the care of our teenager. We were on an island with no phone cell access. I was a smidgen worried, the first time and all. The first time in anything always being a bit dramatic. We walked him through what needed to be done and how the animals were fed and left a note. Instructions about no wild parties or orgies.

To our surprise when we returned the house was still standing, the animals were fed, actually they were overfed. The freezer was completely empty, the dishes were done, the cupboards were half empty and the laundry was done. I was speechless. This 18 year old is maturing and being responsible. Amazing!!! There were three chips out of the new surface of the pool that was somewhat of a mystery - probably never to be solved.

We were happy with this situation. So happy, in fact, that we are going away this weekend, leaving him in charge. This could become a standard weekend activity for us. Maybe, just maybe he is rolling into responsible adulthood.

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