Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flip Off

I am so depressed and saddened. I have just read that - flip-flops are bad for your health and body. Oh no, what shall I do? Listen to medical authority (?) or listen to my soul? I've known for eons that high heeled shoes were bad for you and I do agree with that scenario. But flip-flops. An icon of sun and sand. 80 % of my footwear wardrobe is comprised of flip-flops. I have donned flip-flops since childhood. Now - I find out I will have body deformities from these sole lovers. Wat is the world coming to?

Bottled water is bad for us along with too much caffeine, sugar, sugar substitutes and high energy drinks. Plastic bottles, plastic bags and soon Tupperware will cause cancer. I have to stay out of the sun stay away from camping trailers (mostly those used for Katrina victims) all cleaning chemicals are on the list right next to cell phones.

The good news of late is that CHOCOLATE is good for you - it just makes you fat. The flip-flop theory has me torn. How can anything so comfortable and sometimes reasonably priced and pretty kool looking be bad? Will flip-flops now come with a warning label? 'WARNING" these flip-flops may be hazardous to your health and foot well being.

There are some 'warnings' I just will not abide with. I shall start a new group -Save our flip-flops!!!

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