Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get A Life

I've seen the writing on the wall. I've seen the light at the end of the tunnel. The owl has not called my name. My enlightenment is complete.
After a lengthy discussion, Internet search and soul searching with friends I now believe I am not in 'hell', as I have previously thought. It sure seemed like 'hell'. Everyday was a struggle to survive and be positive. Bleakness was surrounding me with no place to turn. The negativity was mounting slowly eroding my inner peace and tranquility. So I believed I was in 'hell'.
Now, that I am more clear on the world and where I'm at - peace is blossoming and a positive attitude is burgeoning.
I now believe I am in 'purgatory', not 'hell'. Purgatory you say, is bad, but actually it isn't. At least in 'purgatory' there is a way out. You are not destined to eternal damnation and back taxes. I will prevail. I will pull myself up and out of this pit of despair, gloom and doom. I will - Get A Life, or get my life back in sync.
According to the book of 'Secrets', by Rhonda Byrne - Ask for it, believe in it and you shall receive it through positive thinking. So, I'm asking and trying my hardest to believe and then I shall receive. My suggestion to all - read The Secret and find inner peace.

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