Saturday, May 31, 2008

Green Earth

I've been trying to go 'green', save the earth and all that good stuff. Well, apparently, I've gone grey. I installed rain barrels on all of my downspouts. Florida is suffering from a drought. I can use the saved water (when it occasionally rains) for my plants.

Today I am dipping water out from one of the rain barrels in the side yard to water my drought tolerant plants. They were brown and ugly looking. I see this furry grey thing floating in my rain barrel. It had a long tail and a point nose. OMG!!!! A rat. A dead rat. Fouling up my precious rain water.

I have a cat and a dog. Why didn't they chase this vulgar critter into some neighbors yard? They are not doing their job. I should write them up for that.

My rain barrels all have lids - secure lids. How did this disgusting rodent get into my rain water? Did he run along the roof and somehow get in the gutters? My theory is - where there's one rat there is bound to be more.

I have a doggie door and they possibly could get into my house. YIKES!!!

So, my going 'green' has turned into going grey and furry. I will not let this roadblock deter me. I will still try my best to be earth friendly and work with the environment.

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