Sunday, May 4, 2008

Salt Springs

Werner Boyce Salt Springs State Park is tucked away in Port Richey, Florida. It looks small and unassuming but in reality it's huge and inviting. It hugs 4 miles of coastline on the Gulf of Mexico. Inside the park you will find pine forests, salt barrens, marshes, wetlands and mangroves overflowing with prone Buttonwood. On a recent walk we discovered Wilson Plover nests. High tides flood the salt barrens and salt accumulates. Vegetation in the salt barrens have to be very salt tolerant. Black needle rush is bountiful and sharp. Cord grass and saw grass also survive in this area. Once you have obtained a grass cut you will never forget the experience. Mangrove trees are sensitive to frost and grow horizontally in the barrens.

The Salt Springs Alliance, a volunteer group conducts a 'Sounds at Sunset' walking tour.

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