Friday, May 16, 2008

Back Off

It was a long day at school so perhaps my mind was in another place or time - who knows? I was on information overload - that's my excuse. Why do we always need excuses? I was not paying attention to my surroundings.
I started - VERY SLOWLY - to back up in the parking lot. There's a cap on the truck so visibility is somewhat distorted. But I was doing a snails pace. I did look back. And then out of the corner of my eye I see a little pink and grey. I stop. The pink and grey moves to the side of my truck and behold it's some old lady. Not that there is anything wrong with being old! And her lips are moving like a runaway train and the hands are shaking in the air like an earthquake. Directed at me. She comes closer to the side of my truck - yelling.
So I assume she was near the back of my truck when I was SLOWLY backing up. The good news is - I didn't run over her. And it is a parking lot and I was going slow. I could see the anger pasted across her face. I waved and backed around her and drove away. I looked in the mirror and she's still shanking her fist at me and yelling. What is your problem? She should know parking lots are a dangerous place. I have been face to face with 'near misses' many times.
Yes, I felt bad. When on the road we always have to watch out for the other guy - I tell my kids that all the time.
So, the next day, I drive to school and try to find another parking lot. The old lady has me worried. I can't find any. I back the truck in to my same old spot and get to classes. After class I walk to my truck and see a ticket under my wipers; apparently the school doesn't want vehicles backing into spaces. Whatever, It was just a warning ticket.

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