Friday, November 12, 2010

Stump Pass State Park

There are little almost hidden pockets of Florida that still resemble the OLD or REAL Florida as some refer to the last small escapes. Stump Pass State Park is on the very end of Manasoto Key which lies south of Nokomis and Englewood is one of theses little quiet pockets of paradise. It is inconspicuously tucked away at the end of this key and is truly amazing.

Eagles fly over their kingdom while box turtles walk the hiking paths and move out of the way for no one. Herons strut along the beach within inches from visitors. Osprey stare down at you from their perches and flutter their wings. Dolphins put on a daily show close to the sandy beach. Little sandpipers skitter across the wet sand in search of a meal. Egrets pose for photos on branches stuck permanently in the surf.

Shells are placed on overturned tree roots either by nature or human intervention. Shells litter the beach like a lumpy carpet. Sea oats blow gently to the music of the wind. And of course always the nasty deadly sand spurs. The sand soft and cool beneath your bare feet. Except for the waves slipping along the shoreline and an occasional boat their is a supreme quiet that drifts across the land.

One can get lost in the beauty and the wilderness. A little piece of paradise snuggled next to the hustle and bustle of Florida. A reprieve of traffic, high rises and shops is most welcome.

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