Monday, November 15, 2010

Tax Cut for Americans

I have devised a fail proof plan to lower taxes and improve our health. HHHMMM-----Why didn't I run for Governor of Florida. Wait - I am not a millionaire with loads of money to burn. I am a poor middle class(loosing ground quickly)individual who works my tail off. So my plans is....................

When one renews their license they need to be weighed and if they are not overweight they will get a reduction on their license fees. This promotes better health and less cost for our medical insurance and it will also increase jobs. We will need extra people to do the weigh ins. We can even go a step farther and drug test all potential drivers license renewals. If you are drug free including smoking your fees will be lowered. More people needed to run the drug testing means more jobs.

My next plan will be the grocery stores. Save all your receipts and photo copy them (more jobs in the ink business) and add them to your tax returns. The one who purchases the most fresh fruit and vegetables gets a tax break.

We move on to transportation. Every bike bought will come with a pedometer or bike-ometer and those with miles over 1,000 per year will get another tax break. Bicycle sales will go up producing more jobs. We could put pedometers on all sneakers sold and that mileage could be added to your tax break. Encouragement for children would be putting pedometers on skateboards and in line skates.

This is just my beginning thoughts on how to lower taxes and keep fit. My brain is running on empty and it needs a coffee break.

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