Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Hell

The holiday adventure took off on a happy note the sourness came later. I placed the little guy's doggie bed in the back seat of the car on top of a suitcase so he could have a view and he was well behaved. He barked once at a boat as we were crossing the Skyway bridge - other than that he was just about close to perfect.

Arrived at the hotel after dark and he did his poop - thank you goes to the poop fairy. The hotel was clean and the bed was ever so comfy with the little guy staying at the foot of the bed his doggie bed sitting empty on the floor. I saw no signs of bedbugs - always a good sign in a hotel. Good nights sleep and off we went the next morning to the Keys and paradise.

On the way to paradise I just had to stop at a sandal factory in Key Largo. I got out of the car and immediately wacked my toe on the cement curb. Ripped off the entire top of my little piggy wiggy toe and the sucker bled like Niagara Falls. Hubby found me a band-aid to cover the mess. It still bled leaving my DNA everywhere. Hurt a little also. Actually it hurt like hell. The store was nice enough to let me bring the little guy into the store. Bought nothing as the prices were quite high and the toe was bleeding all over the floor. Continued the drive to paradise.

The weather was awesome on that first day in paradise. A glitch to get on base. Were were sent to Boca Chica to get written and authorized-notorized- proof to enter the base. That took over an hour of filling out papers and interrogation. I stood outside with the little guy with his fold able water dish (awesome traveling tool) till my time to go inside and be admonished by civilians on a military base. In my confusion I left my precious water dish sitting in the parking lot and away we drove.

Thursday morning cloudy and misty. I took the four legged one for a walk along the beach - hoping for a poop out of him. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on the top of my foot. I looked down and there was this small black bug type of thing stinging me. I gave it a whack and continued the walk. It started to burn and swell up. I dumped peroxide over the wound which was red and swollen then plastered it with anti itch cream. I waited for the Rocky Mountain Fever symptoms to set in for my demise. Red bumps popped out all over the top of my foot. Life goes on.

Thanksgiving dinner was outside under a tent in the rain. The food was good and the company was intriguing. The speed limit on base is 15 miles per hour - a difficult task at times and always on the look out for speed traps - military.
That night the downpour hit us like a rouge wave - unexpected and not mentioned by the weather people. Everything we left outside was sopping wet including hubby's Kino sandals.

Hubby got a blister between his toes from the wet sandals so shopping was out of the question. His hiking boots were water logged so a search for dry shoes began on Black Friday. He ended up with an over priced pair of water shoes that most likely he will never wear again.

Live and learn - which we are not able to accomplish. The next night or the wee hours in the morning the monsoons came again and YES - we left stuff exposed. Vacationing in paradise is not always easy. Will we do it again? Yes, next month. Although next time I will watch where I am walking and bring lots of shoes and perhaps a tarp.

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