Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I live in a tropical area and the weather for the most part is warm and sunny. With that warm and sunny comes critters. More specific - snake critters. Yes - I know that snakes have a place in society but I DO NOT like snakes. Actually they terrify me even the non-threatening species. To me all the species are threatening.

We have snakes that reside in our yard and most of them are black racers. The term 'black racer' means they move really-really fast. And don't ever try to corner a black racer. They are not nice. Many of the black racers that dwell near my habitat are very large. Which scares me even more. I have seen them jump and pop up like a cobra right at ya. This scares me even more.

I do my best to give them space and stay out of their way. They do their thing and I do mine - like stay out of their way. On occasion I see baby black snakes and they tend to scurry out of your way as quick as possible. I like that tactic.
The other day I was cruising the back yard - dressed in the appropriate flip flops with toes and ankles exposed to the wonders of nature. I saw a slight dark movement. I stopped. The teenager black racer was about 8 inches long and not very large. But of course I panicked. I stepped a little too quickly to get out of his way and I guess he felt threatened. The nasty little bugger reared up and jumped right at me. He set my emotions in motion. I let out my sissy girl screamed and jumped which frightened the poor snake even more. He was coming at me. Me dressed in flip flops. I made a fast exit out of the yard.

So in the wee hours of the morning in the darkness when the dog needs to tinkle and just can't wait till the sun shines away all the scary stuff - I creep around the yard. I have my flashlight and watch every place I put down my feet - still encased in flip flops. Maybe it would be a good idea to wear shoes while patrolling the backwoods of my yard in the wee hours of the morning so the dog can piddle. Life would be good if the dog could hold it till daybreak.

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