Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Death by Drugs

How does one cope when life is rolling downhill faster than a vehicle out of control with no brakes? There is nothing to slow down or stop the descent. No barriers to catch the fall - no relief from the inevitable. Rolling down watching the world slip away - helpless - alone or sometimes not so alone. There are others out there to listen and offer words of encouragement when everything seems hopeless. A shoulder to cry on a leaning post of strength to grasp with gnarled hands. They have been there done that and some have lost.

The pain, frustration and heartache overwhelm the soul and turn our most precious seconds into absolute horrors. When you think things can get no worse of course they do. The light at the end of the tunnel has been extinguished. For some sad souls the light will never shine again. The pain the others are left with is at times unbearable.

Hope has shriveled up like melted plastic. Sunny days become nightmares in which we are unable to wake from. Death and destruction litter our lives. A supreme feeling of hopelessness and helplessness cloud our every waking moment. Life as it is turns into a heap of sorrow and so many tears. When will the painful journey end? And please make the end a pleasant experience. For some it is not. A red hot poker burns eternally in their soul.

Drug addiction destroys families. Such a simple statement filled with so much harsh reality and devastation. Sitting by watching the spiral into darkness of those we love darkens our daylight and forever changes how and what we feel. Reaching out for a tiny shred of hope and salvation keeps us going. The hurdles are many and navigation through the maze is a slow process.

Drug addiction is like a raging forest fire and we must put out this fire before the entire universe is burnt to a crisp. Today I have a little hope and faith tingling inside my soul that my loved one will be saved. How many others will perish? My sadness for those is immense.

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