Saturday, November 6, 2010

King of the Hill

Sometimes you just know when to throw in the towel. The game is over. You have heard the fat lady singing. Time's up and you have lost. It's a sad feeling. So, now get over it - move forward - move on to the next stumbling block, brick wall and the always waiting next issue in life. Mark the last one off your list of things that will never happen - out of my control or comfort zone.

We did our best - we worked as a team - we tried several strategies - but alas - he won and we lost. Such is life. It was even two against one and still we came out on the down side. Perhaps we gave up too soon. Who knows? Whatever! We will accept our fate and live with the consequences. We learned a lesson. We found out who really is in control and in charge of us and our life. We know who is the boss man and who pulls the strings. Except for when we go for our daily walks then I am in charge of pulling the string.

Actually it is not a string but a leash and I have control. Such a little accomplishment but it makes me feel good. We did come out the victor in that scenario. Baby steps and be happy. He does know which side of his bread is buttered on - not - that we give him bread and butter.

I am glad that he has a happy life. Who knows what went on in his life before us? It's a give and take issue although we seem to be giving more and he seems to be taking LOTS. That's okay. He is now King of the Hill or King of our bed.

Our bed is large and we will just have to suck it up and share our bed with him forever. He's small so the space in the bed that he occupies is minimal. Thank goodness he doesn't snore. And who knows what his presence will do to my asthma or allergies? The fabric has been laid out and cut and he will sleep with us indefinitely.

The joys of adopting a rescue dog are many. Is it easy? No. Is it satisfying? Yes. Statistics says people who own dogs are happier and live longer. We are just rolling on the floor laughing due to the fact that the little mutt has commandeered our bed for his very own kingdom.

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