Monday, January 5, 2009

Single mom with 4 kids

In Florida and around our great country there is desperation and dysfunction. The economy has tanked and left many of us in gloom, doom and despair. But even before that episode colored our lives Florida was overflowing with homeless and the downtrodden. Men stand on street corners with their cardboard signs and unshaven faces. Begging - soliciting for whatever including a stiff drink. Some even write on their signs - 'I need a drink, why lie'.
I have driven by and looked away pocketing the image in the deep recesses of my life. Thinking bad thoughts of them and focusing on how good my life is. I mean - get a job - stop drinking and doing drugs - my thoughts and sometimes my words slip out. Bums - lowlife - scums. Stop tainting my corner with your issues and problems that most likely you caused yourself. Go away. My selfish thoughts.
Yesterday as I was traveling down a very busy Florida highway I spotted a sign holder. As I drew closer I realized the sign holder was female. And her sign was printed in perfect handwriting. 'Single mom with four kids', was all I could read as I passed her by. The arrow pierced my soul and I thought something must be done and I drove away. The image is burned inside my heart like a tattoo proudly displayed on a muscular forearm.
Bum, lowlife and scum have faded from my jagged perception. We need help, we the people of this great country need a bailout. Somewhere her four little children suffer along with so many others. The lighbulb has gone off and I now know what one of my New Year's resolution will be.

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