Saturday, January 17, 2009


Who is Mailer-Daemon? And why does he return so many of my e-mails? He's not even on my Facebook Friends list. He seems to be very bossy and a know-it-all. His personality is crude, curt and non-responsive.
I guess that happens when you are named after an ancient mythical Greek Spirit. These mythical spirits performed small tasks that the gods could not be bothered with. Hmmm, to me that sounds like the dying middle class in America; working for big brother. Performing tasks that the gods have no time for but have high salaries and do not have to worry about their medical insurance being cancelled.
Mailer-Daemon isn't a super natural creature or a real live person. He's just a piece of computer software that runs an e-mail server. No thoughts of his own, no creativity, no rules to bend or break. He's just doing the boring job that the gods find menial and beneath them.
Watch the movie, 'The Gods Must Be Crazy.'

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