Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gum Police

Recently I traveled to Cozumel, Mexico for vacation. I was not aware of their 'gum laws'. We were traveling down a highway along the coast and I spit out my used tasteless gum. Perhaps it landed on the road or along the side of the road in the grass. It did not hit a sidewalk because there were no sidewalks. I only do this distastefull stunt when in a moving vehicle. I occasionally spit and drive. Never would I use a sidewalk.

Apparently there is a crusade in Mexico to rid the area of used gum. I swear I did not think about this being a crime or a violation against the environment. I have seen the light and will never spit out tasteless used gum on any area in Mexico or any other country. I will continue to look over my shoulder for the Gum Police brigade.
Isn't gum a natural product that could only add value to a desolate land? I do see their point of gum sticking to the sole of one's shoe and finding a rare specimen on the underside of a table.
I wonder if the next ban on products hitting the street will be the 'loooogy'?

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