Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dream Job

I have found my dream job. It lasts for only six months and pays a 6 figure salary. It's in Australia on a stunning island. The duties entail snorkeling, wandering the beach, having fun, getting a tan, blogging and talking to the media on ocaasion about this fabulous island. I can do this job and love every minute I'm working.
There will be no calling in sick to spend the day at the beach. There will be no rules to follow or paperwork to hand in by 4 pm. There will be no staff meetings or boring trainings. Life will be a beach.
I'm already a certified diver, avid snorkeler and blogger - so they should hire me. I'm wondering if the competion for the job will be tough? I certainly hope not as I want this job. They even have the internet. I can image myself lying in the hammock with my laptop, fruity drink (non-alcoholic) in my hand, barefoot with the sun warming my sun bronzed body, seagulls flying over head. Well, maybe not those sea gulls.

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