Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Land O Lakes Recycling

This morning I was traveling down the road to work behind a large dump truck. On the back of the truck in bold letters it said, LAND O LAKES RECYCLING. I never like being behind a truck. I slowed my vehicle hoping to place some distance between me and the Goliath truck. Two cars moved in front of me.
All of a sudden a huge projectile flies out of the back of the uncovered dump truck. I swerved to miss the flying debris as did the two cars in front of me. I realized it was only cardboard but it still could have caused an accident. What about motorcycles?
As I continued my journey to work more debris flew out of the back of the dump truck. This scenario lasted the entire time I was behind the truck. This must be a new way to recycle.
I feel that any vehicle that is carrying a load that could possibly fly out and cause havoc or damage the driver needs to be responsible.
Isn't that considered a form of littering? If not it should be.

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