Monday, December 20, 2010

Stupid Award

Stupid is as stupid does. What? If you're stupid you're stupid or just somewhere out there in oblivious land. So - move over Forrest - Forrest Gump. No shrimp casserole today. Actually we had tuna steaks on the grill this weekend - delicious!! Which really has nothing to do with this subject.

We are planning the great American Christmas Eve dinner at our house. Hubby is cooking the whole shabam. He's such a sweetie-snookums-pie. Holiday eat a thons' are not held very often at our abode. First our humble home is small and for the two of us it usually works out fine. We have the lanai that does hold lots of folks but it's winter in Florida and we party inside.

So sitting 5 people around our holiday table is a task or an impossible feat. Hubby drags the large table from the depths of the outside storage shed as a temporary replacement for our round tiny dining room table built for two. It will not hold a party of five. Handyman starts to remove the legs off the round small table a table that we have owned for at least 5 years. It's a nice table with a matching sideboard - bought second hand but in great condition.

Whalah - two legs are off and what do our wondrous eyes behold???? An extension table leaf tucked nicely beneath the small round table. A miracle. Now our small tiny table becomes almost banquet size and room for all five people ready to party and eat. Who knew? Certainly not us - the table owners.

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