Monday, December 6, 2010

Dead Sea Spa

When I was a younglin - many moons ago - our medicine cabinet consisted of - mecuricome, iodine and Epsom salt. Band aids were an old torn white sheet. We did not have pastel colored Egyptian 600 thread count cotton sheets.

Recently I have been struggling with a plethora of ailments, Asthma has been flaring up relentlessly. Now the back hurts. Getting old is not a pretty sight for me. Get over it - be positive and be proactive.

I decided to make my own bathroom into a personal spa for mwa. At a closeout store (because I'm always on the look out for a bargain or plain old cheap) I purchased dead sea bath crystals, dead sea bubble bath, dead sea lotion and beach scented candles. My spa was ready and it cost me pennies. Then I did spend $12.00 for a pair of soft plushy slippers. My only super indulgence. I deserve it.

I took a large beach towel and tossed it in the dryer with a linen scented dryer sheet. I plopped myself in the hot tub with my dead sea scrolls and soaked. It felt so good that I soaked a second time. It was ever so refreshing and relaxing.

My research began on Epsom salt, magnesium and the dead sea. Over and over again I read about magnesium (Epsom salt) removes toxins from your body and pretty much looks like a miracle cure. According to the web it helps with blood pressure, muscles aches, breathing in general and asthma. HHHMMMM. Perhaps I have found a cure for my ailments.

I think back and remember the medicine cabinet in my home. There sat the medical cure for ailments right on the shelf. I have found the fountain of youth.

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