Sunday, December 19, 2010


The cold weather seems to have headed to the north - thank you thank you. Now - we have the rain which is acceptable but along with the cold and dreary weather - I'm starting to get sick YUCK!!! Last holiday season the asthma sent me on a downward whirlwind to a place I absolutely do not want to return to. I detest being sick. I just want to have fun.

Trying to finish up wrapping presents, getting vacation ready which includes cleaning and decluttering the house for guests. It's a marvelous thing those closets - they hide lots of stuff. The garage is useless cuz it's already overflowing with stuff. Garage sale in the spring sounds mighty good.

Sprinkling out - walk to get the paper may be written off the 'to - do' list. Getting excited about Christmas dinner with family and friends and the really-really good part is hubby is in charge of doing all the food fixins. I can be supervisor and taste sampler.

1. I am happy I have such an awesome spouse.
2. I am happy winter break is almost here.
3. I am happy for the travel plans we have made.

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