Saturday, December 11, 2010


Is there that thin slice of time when dreams swirl with reality and melt? Where red and blue become purple. Are those feelings and sensations a product of the here and now or just a cloud passing over the land of what might be?

Reaching out to touch and finding immobility washing over the body and mind. Surrounded by the desire to validate perceptions and roll to a different drummer with the sounds playing a gentle earthy rhythm.

Eyes are tightly shut surveying a vast empty field overflowing with colors colliding with fog. The soft sounds and the movement of air wrap around as if smothering and at the same time dripping a rainfall of peace. Which way to go?

Am I lost and confused in my dream world or facing life with a jar full of bitterness and bliss? If this is real why does my body lay motionless? In a silent wait for what is to come. Directions are blurred. Open those eyes and get on with life.

It must have been a dream or perhaps a nightmare that grabbed my being and spun me around - pricking my sleeping senses of the pain in the world transferred to myself. How ? I ask can a dream mix with reality and stain the soul? Like a tiny sand spur breaking through skin - tuff as leather and causing a limp to last for days. The art of life and living melting red into yellow and changing to orange.

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