Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it Cotton?

Being the Florida girl that I am I was taken aback - all the way back in my very small plane seat when I saw the mountains leaping up into the blue sky. Plane seats are getting smaller or I am getting bigger. Most likely a little of both. It was a long uncomfortable ride from Florida to Utah and then I saw the mountains as the plane began descending into Salt Lake City.

The mountains were massive and dark except for the funny looking white stuff covering the tops. I haven't witnesses that white powdery stuff since I left the north in my dust many years ago. I've been to Utah before 'in the summer' and never saw the powdered sugar. So, this sight thrilled me and sent me over the edge of my very small compact uncomfortable plane seat. Not too far to go off the plane seat because you are basically nose to back of the seat in front of you.

The journey begins with a little of the white stuff, actually it seems like a lot of white stuff to spice up our adventure. I'm sure I can hike through that cold white stuff in my Florida flip-flops.
Enough of the white stuff tale it's time to hit the bottom slopes far away from the white stuff. I did pack a very thin jacket. Arches here we come. YEHAW!!!!!

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