Monday, June 8, 2009

ILL Fated Romance

This is the story of Anole Grey and his paramour. I named him Anola Grey after the airplane Enola Grey and then I found out it's a name of a rock group. Whatever! Why I saw a connection between him and an airplane is beyond normal thoughts. Anyways, his paramour is nameless as I believe he has had more than one. Possibly any cutie that will swish her tail becomes his sought after lady in waiting.

Florida is home to gazillions of geckos, lizards and that Geiko creature on t.v. that talks and is such a handsome dude. I love the one where the CEO hands him a suit. The real name for these critters would be 'Anoles'. There you have it. So in my twisted thoughts I must have related Enola to Anole. The plane having something to do with the speed of these critters, how far they can jump and their perfect landings.

We have this huge screen lanai covering our pool where we spend many of our lazy days in the summer. Mating season for anoles. Things go on in this outside world that are quite amazing. One just needs to pull up a chair sit back and watch the living picture show. Off the subject - but - I found frog poop on the top of the lanai this morning. I haven't a clue as how to remove it. Will have to wait for rain storms.

So I've been watching Anole Grey inside the screened in lanai and his antics trying to pick up dudettes. He rears his little head, switches it up and down and this gross flap of yellow/red skin puffs out from his neck. The ladies seem to love this act of courtship.

Anole lives inside the screened lanai. I'm thinking he does this as it is easy hunting for bugs as they cannot escape. In a world outside of the screened in lanai they can just fly away. Hunting is better in the enclosure. When it comes to his love life things get kind of 'grey.'

His wanna be paramours are on the outside of the screened in lanai. So all of the fluffing up his throat skin comes to not a happy ending. Most frustrating to both parties I presume. Hence, the ill fated romance.

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