Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

I planted this really cute little garden. Yes, gardens can be cute! It's mostly herbs for my chef spouse. He is always buying fresh herbs at the store and I complain because they are so expensive and he is wasteful. Not that it was his fault that the herbs got wasted. I need to make that perfectly clear!!! So my plan in this downtrodden economy/crisis was to plant a garden.
We have sage, oregano, parsley, chives, tarragon, basil and dill. I didn't want the herbs to feel lonely so I added peppers, squash and two tomato plants. Around the border of the garden I planted marigolds. And in between my cute little plants I have purple potato vines that add a touch of color and artistic creativity to my garden.
My pesticide free organic gardening tool is the flowers. I love marigolds and I have read that they keep the bugs away. Not too sure where I read that piece of information and not too sure it works. It does give the garden an artistic ambience.
My tomatoes blossomed profusely and the buds sprouted lots of green veggies. My Roma tomatoes were developing quite nice and were abundant on my little bush. I tied it gently to the fence because I did not want veggie rot consuming my precious little gems. One day I counted 6 little tomatoes and the very next day - nothing - gone. I had a tomato free zone.
No squashed little morsels lying on the ground or half eaten green tomatoes hanging from the vine. Just gone.
I wondered if there was a tomato thief in the neighborhood. My first suspect was the dog who has been eating the turtle food the minute my back is turned. He's like that consuming everything edible and at times not so edible. He must have a cast iron stomach. Why would he ever so gently remove all the tomatoes off my vines and not leave a mess or cause damage to my cute little garden.
I believe there are other forces working here among us to sabotage my gardening experience. They didn't even wait till they were red and ripe. So, perhaps the tomato theft is some type of cover-up and if any of the neighbors decide to have a community bar-b-que I will decline the offer to attend. I remember the movie - 'Fried Green Tomatoes'.

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