Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fairway Rules of the Road

WOW!!! How exciting my first time on a golf course and my first time watching my granddaughter play in a tournament. Not just any run of the mill tournament a three day George Holliday tournament at the Nationals Golf Course in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

She had great scores and today is the final playoffs - I'm thinking that's what you call the final day. Her scores are great and she is expected to come in second place. She has done an awesome job. We have started calling her 'Bunker Babe' because she gets her ball into the bunkers and sand traps. And then she does a fantastic recovery getting the ball out.

Apparently there are rules (not posted anywhere) when one is on a golf course - playing or not! I watched Caddyshak and Happy Gilmore tooooo many times. Go Rodney Dangerfield.

There were a few things - like rules - that I did not know about the golf course. First - Whisper - and turn off the cell phone. Got a lot of ugly stares for those two infractions. Walking in front of golfers before they hit the ball is another no-no. Sorry! Driving the golf cart over the ball that landed in a bunker and then driving the cart in front of where Kayla needed to hit the ball was another misstep. "Always stay behind the ball, if she hits the cart she will get a penalty", was my sons' comment. Snapping pictures just at the moment of swing was another faux pau no-no.

There are very few bathroom facilities on this golf course. I saw one across the greens and away I went. OOOPS! More ugly looks from golfers hitting that little white ball. There were no( 'Do Not Enter' signs. My next infraction was to drive like a maniac around a hairpin curve right right as a golfer (didn't look at me with happy thoughts) was starting to make a swing. How was I to know you don't go cruising by when they make a shot? They hand signals they used were intimidating.

Now, I'm feeling like an outcast and I want to change clothes so they can no longer recognize me or hide out in the clubhouse and drink hot toddies all afternoon.

I wish I had known about all these rules and regulations before my entrance into the world of golfing. Live and learn.

Way tooooo go Kayla...........We are sooooo proud of you.....

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