Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Emotional Therapy

There are times in my life when I am awash, burdened, exhausted and overwhelmed by the mere act of life. Sickness, family issues, work funk, finances, the weather, world unrest, taxes and everyday stress become a powerful negative force. It builds till it begins to bend with the heaviness of difficult circumstances. The weight of the world collapsing around every movement drawing me down. Fresh air turning to staleness filled with the stench of decaying matter. I can feel myself slowly sinking like solidified silt to the sad sea of sorrow. Woe is me.

When I get to this low point I know affirmative action needs to be taken. So, today - midweek - I grabbed the bull by the horns - or Carpe Diem - seized the day and off I went into the wild blue yonder for emotional therapy. And the cost was well within my budget. FREE. Filled up the gas tank - yuck - that brought back negativity with the rising prices. Packed a lunch lots of water, a gala apple and tossed in the camera. I placed a happy smile on my face and headed to the ocean. Actually it was the Gulf of Mexico. Honeymoon Island State Park a most precious place to obtain emotional therapy.

As my feet deliberately hit the cold, wet, hard sand I trudged forward along the beach. I walked with no particular purpose or expectation. The terrain was rough as was my insides. Then as if by magic the world around me began to change and welcome me.

The cold, hard, wet sand where I was leaving only footprints suddenly turned to fresh picked fluffy cotton. As my feet connected to mother earth my body, mind, spirit and soul transformed. Violent white capped waves beat relentlessly against the shore. The salty sea breeze tickled my nose and wrapped me in mist. If I were an energy drink guzzler - this is what I would feel. Exhilaration. A complete and total massage of the soul. I felt free and peaceful.

The wind unfurled her drama and whisked off the whitecaps sending them high onto the beach. Gulls flew fast against the wind, gliding without effort. My emotional therapy was lifting me up and wrapping me with kindness. All my worries were tossed into the surf.

How great that a walk along the beach can filter out despair and energize the soul. And then halfway back the rain came down in torrents and plastered my wind blown hair across my face. It felt so good.

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