Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pretty in Pink

The cool morning mist tickles my freckled skin and sends shivers across my arms. Quiet flows elegantly across the earth. Total tranquility and peace tenderly wraps my heart in a sheet of crinkled tissue paper.

Mauve pink fog hangs heavy in the air casting shadows of imagination. Forms swirl and become entities of today and perhaps tomorrow. Yellow streetlights meld with the pink fog making a kaleidoscope atmosphere. Carnival colors bring a sense of happiness and inspiration.

A November morning breaking through the darkness of night adding sparkle to a new day. Tall beautiful palm trees stand still against the painted backdrop of daybreak. A little buzzing of a moth trapped inside the lanai begins to break the silence and solitude. The sun still hidden away behind the landscape of Tuesday.

Like a selfish mortal I absorb all that mother earth offers. And she offers all her splendid wonders to all who wish for satisfaction and joy. The pinkish hues, the quiet silence bathe my soul in contentment.


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