Monday, December 14, 2009

Fall From Grace

The world and the media have put Tiger Woods on public trial, convicted him and sentenced him without a partial jury - in fact no jury at all. We have placed a large Scarlet 'A' on his golf jersey.
Once again a prominent and excellent sports hero (one that has been placed high on a pedestal) has fallen right before our glued to the t.v. and tabloids eyes. A sports figure that is paid mega bucks to perform his game. A glass figurine in a China shop where bulls shop. WHAM, BAMM, thank you mam.
Makes me wonder why? we pay athletes sooo much money? Yes, the are superb in their allotted field. What corrupts them? Money? Fame? Being on that pedestal? Untouchable? Omnipotence?
The sadness of the situation is that Tiger did many good things but as right now they all mostly kicked under the rug or forgotten. He has been an inspiration to many including the youngster who play on the First Tee. His name is whispered and shouted at many youth golf tournaments. He is (or was ) their hero. In some he inspired their passion for the game. What now? That the silver has tarnished?
My own 9 year old granddaughter plays on the First Tee and I wonder what thoughts are swirling around in her head? What impact will this have on her and her love for the game and one of her hero's?
I for one understand that we all are human and make mistakes but when the world spotlight shines upon you - could you not be a little more discreet or morally responsible? I used to refer to my budding little golf star as Tigress Woods. No more. I guess I have also slightly convicted another sports star without all the proof.
How many young souls has this man let down? Perhaps if we do not carve humans into ice crystals and place them high on the pedestal they will never fall and our impressionable children will not loose their glass hero.

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