Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forked tongues, appendages and evil deeds

Beware of those that speak with a forked tongue. Many reptiles have forked tongues and Harry Potter can speak Parseltongue. Only Harry Potter fans will understand this language.

Stay away from anyone who speakith with forked tongue. Do not listen to them, acknowledge their words or associate with them as they are perceived as the devil or worse. There is an evil darkness that surrounds and mystifies those who speakith with forked tongues.

This very morning I saw a strange species of anole, during my early morning swim in the pool. He was clinging to the screened lanai - waiting for prey. Anole's do not speak and I am not sure if they have forked tongues. This mutant critter did have a fork and it was not in his mouth. He had a forked tail. Oh my! Is a forked tail similar in darkness and evil as a forked tongue?

I slipped quietly from the pool - dripping wet I made my way into the house. The telltale water splashed across the tile floor was evidence that I did not even dry off before entering. I was on a mission. Get the camera - quick. Capture on film this mutant anole with the forked tale. Perhaps he is a new species never before recorded in Florida history. Maybe he was smuggled to Florida from the rain forest. It could be a possibility that I could become famous with the capture (photo) of this rare creature. Or I could take a video (like the Bigfoot video) and become world famous or a jokester gone awry.

I eased my way back outside into the lanai. With very slow movement, high expectations and the thrill of the chase I lifted my camera to catch an image of this strange forked tailed creature for posterity and admiration. Yes, the thought of making money from my photo of this new species of anole exploded in my mind. Doom, darkness and a bit of evil overtook my aspirations of fame. The fool ran off into the bush that leans ever so precariously against the lanai. DRATS!!!!

I will wait for him and watch with the camera always nearby to catch his image and prove to the world or at least myself that a new species or a mutant lives in my backyard.

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