Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bats in the Belfry

Bats in the belfry or citrus rats in the outdoor shed. Both are disgusting, dirty, stinky and gross. We had citrus rats in the outdoor shed - not that I've had lots of citrus on my citrus trees. So why invade my space? That sounds like a t.v. reality show - Invading Spaces. Why not go to the neighbors that have tons of citrus - on the ground - decomposing.

My shed for whatever reason became their haven for dirty deeds. They ate two rugs and a nylon camping cot. It was a nice cot! Why would you eat a camping cot and rugs? I thought you were citrus rats not nylavoirs.

Creepy little animals and they sure made a stink. They are among the homeless as they have been eradicated from my shed. Most likely they will move on to another shed in another yard. Yuck, makes my skin crawl.

After the clean-up doused my hands with bleach, anti bacterial soap, hand sanitizer and then more bleach. Still feel dirty.

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