Saturday, October 1, 2011

Begin with the end in mind

It's an awesome morning in Florida as fall sweeps across the sand dunes and sand spurs. A dip in the pool has completely shaken the sleepiness from me. I recline on the chaise in the lanai and look dreamily up at the sky littered with so many twinkling stars and planets.

The morning darkness is still lurking like a feral cat with a cool breeze (some Floridans think 70 is cool) rippling across my body. The quiet and serenity wraps me in a soft cocoon. I count the shining stars and search for the big dipper. Total silence fills my space and I enjoy every second of the peacefulness.

The blinking of the stars lulls me off to dreamland. I take in deep Yoga breaths and my body becomes a feather light vessel. I could stay in this position forever with the breeze and darkness and the stillness soaking in the beauty of the morning. Coffee calls me but I cannot leave this wonderful tranquil space where morning has greeted me with the gems of the earth.

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