Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Invasion of the body snatchers

At this point in time I am taking an oral prednisone/steroid, an inhaled prednisone/steroid and yesterday an injected prednisone/steroid. Perhaps I can be the next Hulk with all of this steroid being pulsed into my body. Reading the literature it states the evil side effects like suppressing your immune system. HHHMMMM. Don't I need my immune system to fight off all the bad stuff that enters my body?

I am in desperation mode to fight off this asthma - naturally. I keep hitting that brick wall and continue to get sicker and sicker. There must be a better way. All the drugs seem to do nothing. I am taking so many vitamins and supplements and medications that I need a giant pill box to contain them.

Frustration is my shadow and my shadow seems to be overtaking me. I keep fighting this battle that continues to go downhill. I keep painting on the positive face and searching for answer that never work. I want to overcome this boil of despair and toss all the drugs that I am dumping into my body. And most important I want to obtain an immune system that fights off the bad gunk invading my body.

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