Monday, September 12, 2011

Ballet blunder

I need to remember not to point fingers, or make judgements against others behaviors and actions. Do not criticize - empathise.

I've possibly lost my marbles, gone round the bend or had a senior moment. It was a busy weekend but that is NO excuse. I have no one to blame except for my memory lapse.

Hubby and I were going to the strip mall (there are so many in Florida) pay on the New Years cruise, go to the tractor supply and a few other errands.
We are traveling down the road and suddenly I look down at my feet.....Hello....
I have on my grungy old house slippers. LOL.... and we are about to enter a public domain where everyone can see me.

What to do? I slump around in those ratty old slippers and can feel the laughing/mocking eyes upon my slipper clad feet. Then I see the new TCBY and cannot contain my self. We go inside and splurge on yogurt. There I sit for the whole world to see me eating yogurt in a pair of threadbare house slippers.

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Clint said...

I'm over 60, so I can get y with just about anything. When I was younger, I guess I cared about slippers and shoes and what aunt Maude would think. But no more. I hope the yogurt was good!