Sunday, September 4, 2011

Turn the car around

I wish I had the power to fix the world. If I did I would wave my magic wand over the earth and watch it blossom. I would sprinkle fairy dust over those I love to make everything all better. I don't have that power and my loved ones seem lost and drifting in a sea of cloudy water - falling to the bottom.

My shoulders are buckling from the burden of their issues. The weight upon me is squashing my soul. If only I could turn the car around - just like the song -
Shattered. Need a change from this burn out town. Stumble around in the pouring rain. No umbrella - no safety net - no shelter.

I sit and contemplate the issues that burn inside my thoughts and why HOW does this happen again and again.

What to do - what to do? How many times do I break till I shatter? I always turn the car around, Why can't they turn the car?

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Clint said...

I know how ya feel. You are not alone. Keep the faith. God bless.