Sunday, August 23, 2009


I spent an entire day (almost) at the new Ikea store in Tampa. What a charming and tiring experience. It started in the parking lot and ended at the exit. Drive your car right up to the exit door and load up your goodies.
Lunch was very, very good and inexpensive. Free refills on soda. OOOHHHH - wonderful.
Two floors and acres and acres of STUFF. All kinds of STUFF. Stuff you need, stuff you don't need and fluffy stuff. After all that walking try out one of their comfy chairs - sit a spell - play a game of cards, balance your checkbook, let the kids run wild ( a little), swoon over the fabulous kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.
Go back to the cafe for desert or snag an ice cream cone. Try out one of their couches, kick back put your feet up. Then get lost in the self service warehouse. And there is no admission charge.
Ikea has a great idea. And I spent a grand total of $4.23.

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